Darby Campbell

Darby Campbell, President, started his career in building construction then expanded into development. His company’s sizable portfolio of projects is diverse, encompassing everything from marinas and real estate to hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, RV resorts, and retail.

Through his marina company, Sun Life Marinas, Campbell has developed successful marinas with restaurants and waterfront entertainment in the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest.

Darby also developed The Island, an entertainment complex in Pigeon Forge, and recently acquired the entertainment complex at Lanier Islands, north of Atlanta, GA. The lakefront entertainment destination includes a water park, restaurants and bars, campgrounds, marinas, and docks that have been refreshed and rebranded. Plans are underway for future development to maximize the potential of the property.

Whether he is converting and renovating buildings to serve a higher purpose, maximizing the potential of undeveloped land, or developing waterfront projects and marinas, Darby Campbell is a thoughtful steward of the resources entrusted to him. He is committed to protecting the environment and waterways, developing projects that enhance their immediate surroundings and are a source of pride for all stakeholders.

Richard "Ric" Cheyney

Ric Cheyney, Chief Marina Operations Officer, brings nearly 40 years of experience in the maritime community to Sun Life Marinas. A current resident of Tennessee, he originally hails from Lewes, DE where his life on the water began working on his father’s charter boat. With a passion for a life on the water he was naturally drawn to a career with the U.S. Coast Guard. Ric has conducted surface operations around the globe as a Deck Watch Officer aboard multiple ships and as an expert boat handler on coastal and inland waterways. His experiences as a seasoned surface operator with the Coast Guard led him to pursue and earn his 100 Ton Masters license in 1994. Upon retirement from the Coast Guard, he was selected to join our team as Harbormaster at our Sun Life Marina in Clarksville, TN.

Dedicated to successful leadership and management of our marinas, he frequently travels to our properties to contribute to operations where necessary and ensure staff maintains our high standards of service.

As an active member of the Tennessee Marina Association Board of Directors, Ric has worked diligently to foster strong working relationships with local, state, and federal officials as well as the local recreational and professional maritime community.

Dave Signs

Dave Signs, Marina Development Project Management for Sun Life Marinas, has over two decades experience in the Marina and Hospitality business. He has been with Sun Life since its inception and is a Florida resident. Dave brings years of knowledge in operating, developing, rebuilding, re-culturing, and managing recreational properties on the waters of Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes, and numerous fresh water lakes in the mid-south. He also previously served on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee- Kentucky Marina Association, the legislative advisory committee for the Association of Marine Industries, and is the past President of the Tennessee Marina Association.

Dave has years of customer service, logistics management, and business management experience.